Small refineThe advancement of a town depends on the construction of a shabby workshop full of nondescript clutter. It is a pre-requisite for the construction of other more advanced buildings.




All workshop actions cost 3 Action points. Holding a hacksaw lowers this by 1 Action points, as does the factory construction. It is also possible to open a container here, but it it not recommended. Opening a container with the proper tool doesn't cost any Action points.

Input Output
Item electro boxBroken Electronic Device Random Object: Item batteryBattery, Battery Launcher, Item detoCompact Detonator, Item electroElectronic Component, Item tubeCopper Pipe, Item meca partsHandful of nuts and bolts, or Item taggerRadius Radar Beacon.
Item deco boxFlatpacked Furniture Random Furniture: Item tableJarpen Table, Item doorOld Door, Item chairRocking Chair, or Item trestleTrestle.
Item mecanismMechanism Random object: Item tubeCopper Pipe, Item meca partsHandful of nuts and bolts, Item metal badScrap Metal, or Item metalWrought Iron.
Item metal beamMetal Support Item metalWrought Iron
Item wood beamPatchwork Beam Item wood2Twisted Plank
Item repair kit partRepair Kit (damaged) Item repair kitRepair Kit
Item wood badRotting Log Item wood2Twisted Plank
Item metal badScrap Metal Item metalWrought Iron
Item plate rawSheet Metal (Parts) Item plateSheet Metal
Item wood2Twisted Plank Item wood beamPatchwork Beam
Item metalWrought Iron Item metal beamMetal Support