Buildings & Unsearchable ZonesEdit

These are the special locations that can be found in the desert outside the town. On the map they are represented by a solid square within the zone square.

There are many and varied Special Zones, each contains a narrow list of items you are likely to uncover once Explored.

N.B. Some if not most zones can only be explored once by each citizen. Others, such as the Citizen's Home can be explored multiple times, although this may be a bug as it does not seem to increase the likelihood of discovering anything.

Special Zones can also be searched for random items in the same way as a normal zone can be.

The ZonesEdit

Abandoned Construction Site: Trestle, Water Ration, Food Item, Repair Kit, Bag of Cement, Metal Support, Chest

Abandoned Park: Dismantled Mower, Machete (multiple), Box of Games, Bag of Cement, Wrought Iron

Abandoned Supermarket: Broken Caddy Cart, Food, Alcohol, Plastic Bags

Ambulance: Unlabelled Drug, Pharmaceutical Products, Manbag, Bandage

Blocked Road: Sheet Metal (parts), Trestle, Concrete Blocks

Burnt School: Human Flesh, Aqua-Splash, Toy Box, Box of Games, Paracetoid 7g, Duct Tape

Cave: Human Flesh, Chest, Giant Rat

Car Park: Nuts & Bolts, Trestle

Citizen's Home: Food, Citizen's Welcome Pack

Collapsed Quarry: Bag Of Cement,

Construction Site Shelter: Metal Support, Nuts & Bolts, Trestle, Boxes

Cosmetics Lab: Drugs, Pharmaceutical Products, Tasty Looking Steak, Animals

Dark Woods: Rotting Log, Plastic Bag, Lots of chickens, Hacksaw (incomplete)

Derelict Villa: Doormat, Furniture, Food, Screwdriver

Deserted Freight Yard: ???

Destroyed Pharmacy: Valium Shot, Anabolic Steroids, Pharmacuetical Products, Cyanide

Disused Car Park: Nuts and bolts, Metal supports, copper pipe

Disused Silos: Jerry-can, Nuts and bolts

Disused Warehouse: Toolbox, Citizen's Welcome Pack, Food Parcel

Equipped trench: Cement Bag, Water Pistol (empty), Metal Support,Plastic bag and Semtex

Fairground Stall: Water Pistol, Marshmallows, Plastic Bag, Aquasplash, Battery launcher, Mini HI-Fi (Broken).

Family Tomb: Revolver, Human Flesh, Machine Gun

Fast Food Restaurant: Food, Bloody-Hot Coffee, Jerrycan

Fraser D's Kibab Ish: Jerry-can, Serrated Knife, Food, Giant Rat, Incomplete Cafetiere

Garden Shed:

Guns 'n' Zombies Armory: Machete, Battery Launcher 1-ITF (Empty),Serrated Knife

Home Depot: Handful of Nuts and Bolts, Engine (incomplete), Repair Kit, Battery, Sheet Metal (parts)

Indian Burial Ground: Broken Human Bone

Looted Supermarket: Food

Mac's Atomic Cafe: Food, Drinks

Motorway Services: Giant Rat

Nuclear Bunker sheet Metal Parts, Jerrycan

Old Bicycle Hire Shop: Handful of Nuts and Bolts, Copper Pipe, Utility Belt, Belt

Old Hydraulic Pump: Full Jerrycan, Copper Pipe, Kwik Fix, Jerrycan Pump (unattached)

Old Police Station: Radar Beacon, Manbag, Taser, Twinoid 500mg, Devastator (incomplete), Aqua-Splash (incomplete)

Old Water Processing Plant: Jerry-can

Pi-Keya Furniture: Flatpacked Furniture, Screwdriver, Mattress, Doggy Bag, Trestle, Box Cutter,Wooden Plank

Plane Crash Site: Screwdriver, Belt, Toolbox, Sheet Metal (parts), Handful of Nuts and Bolts

Post Office: ???

Scottish Smith's Superstore: Tasty-looking Steak, Intestine Melon, Spicy Chinese Noodles, twinoid 500mg

Shady Bar: Vodka marinostov, jerrycan, wake of the dead

Small House: Decorations, Mattress, Pharmaceutical Products, Duct Tape, Suspicious-looking Vegetable, Water ration

Smuggler's Cache: Citizen's Welcome Pack, Toolbox, Chest

Town Library: ???

Unsearchable Zone: Find one of these buildings underneath. Use AP or Ness Quick Weed Killer to clear an unsearchable zone.

Water Processing Plant: Full Jerry-can, Sheet metal parts

Wrecked Cars: Metal sheet (parts), Wrought Iron, Nuts & Bolts, Belt, Kwik-fix, Chest

Wrecked Transporter: Food, Food box, Tool box, Toy box, Sheet Metal (parts), Radius Mark II (incomplete)