Luck of the DrawEdit

A text taken from a illegible book.

"The Bastion of Shattered Illusions,11th July

It's been days... weeks even, since we had any real food. Hunger grips the town, and there is no escape. Even though we have built barricades, the horde is larger than ever, and growing by the day. I can't go on. I don't have the energy or the strength...

This morning we drew lots. I lost, but I don't care. The others seemed almost envious. I can smell the charcoal as they fire up the cremato-cue. They told me I'll hardly feel a thing, and that they saved me a whole bottle of vodka. I know they're lying though... Because i stole the last one...



Seems that can be found nowhere specifically, random tile of the map, inside an envelope that can be open without use of any tools. Inside is a illegible book that can be read.

It can also be found inside an parcel, containing a photo album, which can be read to find out this text.

Related DistinctionsEdit

That kind of item is a part of the roleplaying plot of the game, so you earn the rare distinction roleplayer.