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The Game: Die2Nite (The english version)
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Useful Applications Edit

(Some of these external applications require you to provide your External Site identifier which is found on your Soul Page under the settings tab) Community Forum -

Nitelight (iOS Die2Nite Tool) - An app developed for iPhone that allows player to keep track of different things like status of the well, estimated attack, current defense. Also features a map and complete listing of the bank.

Die2Nite Unofficial Rankings - A much more elaborate ranking system than the one found on It provides interesting statistics and information for over 45,000 users and 3,500 towns. This updates new and existing players and towns every Sunday.

Town Citizen Report - Provides a daily report showing the towns' citizens; their log, their activity (clairvoyance); house level, upgrades, and cost; which citizens are heroes; who is banished; and a lot more. View a report example here: Report Example

Die2Nite Signature Generator - A simple tool that allows people to post dynamic images of their current town and some of its' stats. Future updates (within the week) will allow the script to cooperate with D2N Unofficial Rankings and allow players to post signatures of their old towns and player profiles.

Surviving Towns of the World - Provides a daily report on existing towns, attributing a points score to each.

Map Viewer -

krishnadesai Item Tracker' -

Enhanced Town Management -

Firefox addon showing Defense/AP cost -