Action Points (Ap) determine what you can do each day. You start each day with 6 AP (of a maximum pool of 6) to spend, which will refresh after each zombie attack. There are several ways to refresh your AP after its spent, but the most common ways are:

  • Drinking a Water Ration
  • Eating Food

Both of the above can only be done once per day and return 6 AP(if it's a "tasty" food you will get 7/6 AP. Eating/Drinking will refresh your AP pool to full (6/6) so unspent AP can be wasted.

Additional ways can be dangerous, these ways are:

  • Taking drugs(very dangerous, consult Item wiki for drug effects, one drug is capable of giving 8/6 AP)
  • Drinking alchohol(not dangerous, but these items are uncommon, they restore to 6/6 AP and give status Drunk, which limits scavenging and prevents further alchohol for that day, next day you will be hungover, also in the forum you will talk weird)
  • Coffee(4 AP, no downsides, probably very rare item)
  • Dice and Uncomplete Set of Cards.
  • EMS (charged)
  • Perhaps more? Check the item wiki :)

Planning for Outside WorldEdit

The most common use for AP early on is to move around the outside world. Really important thing about spending AP is that if you don't have enough to get back to town, you will die. So plan ahead.

Each square you move costs 1 AP. Since you get 6 AP this means you can move 3 squares out and 3 squares back. If you take some food or water with your, you can extend your range.

It's common for new players to get outnumbered by zombies, expend their AP fighting them (barehanded) to no effect, then lack the AP to return home safely. A better strategy would be to post on the forums for assistance, where somebody can come from town (to increase the zone of control) or just bring weapons to kill zombies (which is generally AP free).

Be careful, moving around too much in the desert leads to thirst and thirst leads to dehydration(very bad!), uncomfirmed stats: Moving 11 squares = Thirst, Moving another 11 with thirst = Dehydration, Moving another 11/Going to sleep with Dehydration = Death.

AP CostsEdit

Here's a table of what common activities things will cost in AP.

Cost in AP Action
1 Move 1 Square

Fight a zombie barehanded(10% chance to kill a zombie)

1 Close or Open the Town Gate
1 Use a Kwik-Fix/Repair Kit
2 Building a Tent
(Recommended as your first action Day 1, don't build a hovel though!)

Constructing a building

1(x8-14) Clear one unit of debris off a Special Zone to uncover its worth

Drag a dead body out of town(less effective than sprinkling it, since it both costs AP and the body will turn into a zombie)


Working at the workshop, AP cost is lowered by 1 if a Factory is built, having a hacksaw in your possesion lowers the cost by another 1 AP. (do return it to the bank when you're done at the workshop)

3 Attacking a player (100SP towns only) This is practically useless, as the feature doesn't appear to be working very effectively just yet.